Italian Sterling Silver bobber


Italian Bobber in Sterling Silver

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Beautiful little piece found at a vintage store. Piece is fully sealed but hollow inside. I can’t determine what this piece was used for, my guess is a tea bobber but it doesn’t open.

Piece has five hallmarks; (1) 925 within an oval, (2) a David statue, (3) maker’s mark rectangle with star 167? FI suggesting Italian sterling made from Segoni Leopoldo post-1968 from Firenze Italy, (4) SM stamp, (5) the name Leopoldo. see pictures. I can’t read the makers mark very well or the name so that may be incorrect. Selling as-is with this information in mind.

Weight is 14 grams

Condition: some small dents and light tarnish. see pictures for reference

Add this strange Italian sterling silver piece to your collection! Thanks for shopping!

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Weight1 g
Dimensions6 × 4 × 2 in


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