About Grant Silver


Grant Silver crafts utilitarian works of art using precious metals. By combining investment, bespoke design, and practicality, Grant Silver brings inherent value to everyday items.


The natural elements Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) have been coveted for thousands of years due to their unique qualities. Inherently timeless, these noble precious metals are versatile, exceedingly rare in nature, and radiant like the sun and the moon.

We create utilitarian products out of precious metals that you can actually use. You can either use them as everyday objects or just for ornamental purposes. Take a look at our products to get an idea of what we create.

Without going into the long 5000+ year history of gold and silver as money and only 50+ years of a worldwide fiat money system, Grant Silver has decided to bring back real money with supplementary form, utility. Similar to the Victorian Era where sterling silver was formed into teapots, silverware, cups, and artwork, we aim to bring in a new era of money with utilitarian purpose. Because our products are made with inherit value, you can always sell our handmade products back to us using the tools on your account page (coming soon), sell the products to someone else, or sell for scrap rates. Inherit value is built-in. Grant Silver products will hold their value forever.

Grant Silver was born from a simple idea, useable real money. The idea was incepted in 2020 during lockdowns and the ensuing flash crash of the stock markets and unlimited money printing by the Fed to prop it up. We all saw the middle class get poorer and the billionaires get richer. That changes now. Return to our shop page and browse our collection!

Founder Nicholas Grant